The running of the CONTRACT
ВIn return, is a specialized enterprise
in Russia recycling aluminum cans and the largest consumer of raw materials. A leading manufacturer of secondary aluminum alloys

A wide range of purchased aluminum scrap

A high percentage of recovery of aluminum from the feedstock

Well-established and proven logistics

About company

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    Our industry expertise and involvement extends to the many associations and groups we serve.
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    As the company grew, the world’s most functional and visually engaging material architects and designers would ever have the opportunity to specify evolved -- metal fabric

Our needs

  • Aluminum cans of beverage
  • Chips
  • Slags
  • Wastes from the manufacture of aluminum tape
  • Scrap vintage alloy deformed

Our products

  • The large pig 350-750kg
  • Pig small HVD 5-7kg
  • Scavengers granular

Company news

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