For our company main priority value, which determines the future development are human resources. We strive to provide the opportunity to realize their professional and creative potential of each employee.

In this regard, our company has developed internal corporate policy through definition and management tools aimed at creating conditions that enhance the performance and employee engagement in the implementation of corporate objectives.

The purpose of HR policies of our factory is, above all, to create a strong and sustainable corporate culture based on a system of corporate values.

Our employees are the most important asset of the plant.

Why we are an attractive employer?

  • Availability of qualification requirements for employees;
  • Implementation of corporate policy. Improving the company's image in the eyes of employees;
  • Have developed internal incentive schemes and instruments due to the company's strategy;
  • Establishment of a system of social guarantees;
  • Positive and strong reputation of the company;
  • Availability of personnel management system of the company;
  • High level of remuneration and reward employees;
  • A policy for the protection and safety;
  • Comfortable working conditions for employees;
  • A system of criteria for evaluating the results of labor.