The history of the company


The base of the plant. The start of construction of the smelter two silo tank furnaces for recycling scrap aluminum plant leased premises "Russian diesel" Vsevolozhsk.


Getting Started on experimental furnaces. Enterprise smelted the first tons of recycled aluminum.

2001 - 2003

Completion of construction and commissioning of the smelter complex is.
The development of production, the introduction of a quality control system. The company focuses on finding technologies for processing complex kinds of scrap, in particular, used aluminum cans. The system of environmental control, achieved one of the highest rates in the steel output of the finished product. Release in the month up to 600 tons of finished product.


Achieved volume production of 10 thousand tons of aluminum alloys. Increased demand for production and human resources.


Moving on a production site in the industrial area "Rybatskoye", St. Petersburg. Updated infrastructure, construction work, put into operation new production facilities will increase the volume of production of 18 thousand tons of aluminum alloys.


Issue vintage aluminum alloy exceeds 23 tons per year. Built rotary rotary furnace for processing of new raw materials and gas-cleaning system Dantherm is allowing to achieve a high level of environmental safety.


A new gas treatment system performance by cleaning the 150 thousand dirty flue gases per hour. Apart from the five reflective melting units begin their work two rotary kilns.


The volume of production is 30 thousand tons per year. Mortgaging the construction unit of the new generation with a design daily output - 80 tons of aluminum alloy ...


Completing the construction of the plant and puts into operation a new generation of melting unit capacity of up to 4 tons of aluminum alloys per hour.


The efforts of previous years have borne fruit. Progress has been a sharp increase in production. For the year produced more than 38,000 tons of finished product. Developed new products, such as scavengers and aluminum-containing mixtures for the steel industry.


Commissioned a new reverberatory furnace, increased by 30% increase in processing of primary aluminum.