Development Strategy

Development strategy of our company is the management that relies on human potential as the basis for the organization, directs the production to market needs, providing flexible and timely regulation of changes in the organization in accordance with changes in the external environment, allows us to achieve competitive advantages in the short and long term.

Key elements of the strategy of development:
  • Staff
  • Customer
  • Suppliers and buyers
  • External contractors
  • Protection of the environment, labor, industrial safety
  • Development of technologies
  • Modernization of production
  • Business standards of our plant
  • Social responsibility

Mission of the company
Creative activity aimed at the high quality and effective needs of Russian and world market secondary aluminum alloys, promoting economic growth and development of the industry, ensuring the welfare of employees.

The company's vision
To become a leader in the production of secondary aluminum alloys in Russia, actively develop cooperation with foreign partners.

Aims and objectives
  • uninterrupted supply of raw materials the company in accordance with the agreements and market demand;
  • ensuring plant personnel decent wages, working conditions and opportunities for professional growth;
  • protection of the environment, protection of the environment;
  • avoid malfunctions of the enterprise;
  • to expand the geography of sales;
  • modernization of production facilities;
  • Horizontal diversification business.
  • liability to the counterparty;
  • responsibility to the employees;
  • social responsibility;
  • maintaining a positive reputation for many years;
  • quality control at all stages of the transaction;
  • professionalism and perfection.