LLC "Plant of aluminum alloys Vsevolozhskiy" is a modern metallurgical enterprise, equipped with high-melting equipment. Currently smelter is equipped with two rotary inclined furnaces with a capacity of 5 tons each, four gas reflective melting units with a capacity of 15 tons each, and the reflectivity of the gas stove, mixer capacity 35tons.
Our factory produces the full range of aluminum alloys in accordance with Russian GOST [State Standard] and international standards, is able to develop as soon as possible release of alloys to suit the individual requirements of our customers.
The company produces a wide range of aluminum alloys and all kinds of basic product range of secondary non-ferrous metals (large scale ingots 350-750kg, small HVD ingots 5-8kg, scavengers in the form of granules conical shape, as well as reactive fluxes for aluminum-ferrous metals).

Adaptive management processes associated with the burden preparation and production capacity allows, first make a quick adjustment of production plans in the event of additional demand from our business partners, and secondly, to quickly change its range of alloys and product range, depending on the market conditions of sales . These technological changes are taking place without compromising performance.
The main strategic indicators to the competitiveness of our enterprise is the quality of the products.

Quality control is carried out at all stages of the process:
  • All incoming raw materials (fluxes, ligatures), associated with the production, pass incoming inspection to verify compliance with the actual characteristics of the statement.
  • All incoming raw materials undergo radiation measurement pyrotechnic control, weighing and the acceptance of the relevant statements of the class, group and class, as well as the level of contamination. Fluxes are subjected to radiation monitoring, the presence of an insoluble precipitate and melting point. Ligatures are exposed to radiation monitoring and control on the degree of assimilation of the main alloying element (s).
  • In the production process is strictly controlled chemical composition of the alloy produced as well as chemical composition of the finished product. The geometry of the product is given by the tooling (molds). Casting defects visually controlled nature of production workers.

Radiation monitoring is carried out in a fixed installation "Barrier" and with a portable dosimeter PSA 68-01.
Pyrotechnic control is carried out visually by receiving and sorting the designated recipient and sorters respectively.
Match the quality of the raw material supplied to the declared characteristics determined visually and by conducting appropriate analyzes of samples taken from raw materials to the factory laboratory. Samples are taken from the chemical composition of the liquid metal and analyzed using two firm quantameter ARL.
High quality products at all stages of the technology cycle - is the main priority of the company.
Our company provides ongoing progressive development and renovation of production facilities, investing in the creation of modern technologies and research complex.