Quality policy

Our company uses the concept of total quality management (TQM), concept of an all-round well-targeted and coordinated application of systems and methods of quality management in all areas of our factory (from research and development to the output of finished products and after-sales service).
This set of principles, methods and tools of quality management allows us to be competitive and the organization for a long time to remain the leader in the market of secondary aluminum alloys.
Instrument for implementing the policy of the organization in the field of quality in our company is the quality management system regulated by a complex of existing regulations and the appropriate requirements of GOST, ISO 9001.

Our system TQM quality management includes:

  • control of the process of developing new products;
  • assessment of the quality of the prototype, Product Quality Planning and production process monitoring, evaluation and planning of the quality of supplied materials;
  • incoming inspection of materials;
  • assess the quality of the production process;
  • control of the finished product;
  • assessment of the quality of products;
  • analysis of special processes (our laboratory is capable of conducting the most complex analyzes and studies to analyze the received DATA product quality);
  • the use and management of information on the quality of products for the development of the technical capacity of the company;
  • monitoring equipment, which gives information about the quality of products;
  • training in quality assurance, staff development;
  • providing the necessary guarantees of quality, conformity certificates, licenses and GOST [State Standard];
  • coordination of activities in the field of quality assurance;
  • monitoring of the degree of satisfaction of our counterparts in terms of quality;
  • PDCA (plan-do-check-act);
  • managing the human factor by creating an atmosphere of satisfaction, participatory, well-being and prosperity of the company staff;
  • implementation of the work in the field of quality control cross-functional method;
  • development of a quality policy (consistent with the overall strategy of economic activity and all aspects of production, administrative, business and operations, where we are continually bring new goal of achieving quality);
  • the implementation of measures to promote a culture of quality;
  • implementation of management training for leadership in the area of quality;
  • a clear segmentation of production activity in the area and the assignment of responsibility in the field of quality for senior management.

In the face of fierce competition for winning and retaining the relevant market segment, we provide only accurate information about the quality of our products. In line with this priority, our company has all the necessary certificates for conformity of product to determined requirements and standards that allow us to responsibly declare the security of our manufacturing, health care workers and environmental safety.
Cooperating with us, you can be assured of quality assurance at all stages of interaction!