Corporate policy

Our company understands the importance and priority of developing and improving the management of internal communications, corporate culture, which is based on the ideas, views, fundamental values ??that are shared by all our employees.

Management tool for internal communications is adopted by our company internal corporate communication policy, the operation of which is aimed at improving the efficiency of the organization.

Corporate Policy provides the following important areas:

  • motivation of staff based on individual goals to achieve the overall objectives of the enterprise;
  • creation of an ideology, the formation and strengthening of the image of the company, which is involved in the maintenance of staff across the enterprise;
  • establishment of mutual understanding between management and staff;
  • creation of a unified system of objective assessments based on the contribution of each to the success of the company;
  • maintaining a high level of professionalism;
  • control of the motivational sphere of the individual employees, the maintenance of a favorable psychological and moral climate.
Tools of the corporate policy:
  • development and implementation of internal communications;
  • improvement of the system of employee motivation;
  • code of Business Conduct and Ethics;
  • system of certification of personnel;
  • program personnel reserve;
  • establishing a permanent and effective two-way communication with subordinates managerial staff;
  • conduct sports and recreation, cultural and educational events;
  • intra-corporate sources of information (electronic, print)
  • providing training, refresher courses;
  • Implementation of programs for children of employees;
  • social support for single-parent families;
  • implementation of a system of bonuses, promotions, awards team;
  • encourage employees to lead healthy lifestyles (bonuses for smoking cessation);
  • certification of, the creation of high-quality personnel training system, the courses to improve the skills of employees;
  • charity events.
Values and principles of the company:
  • Our company permanently monitors the satisfaction of counterparties. For us it is important to an understanding of who our client and what he needs. Our company takes care of the creation of dialogue and trust relations in the field of external communication, so every employee is committed to implement the principle best way and with the best quality.
  • Employee development. One of the priorities of the company is the optimization and efficient management of internal communications. Our company is committed to providing opportunities for the implementation of professional and creative potential of each employee. We create all conditions for development, welcome the initiative and rational suggestions, new ideas and a non-trivial approach to solving problems.
  • Result orientation. We have set ourselves ambitious goals and reach them. We are not looking for reasons! We find opportunities.
  • Team and cooperation. Just having team spirit, common purpose and common efforts, we can achieve the implementation of the general problem. Therefore, we develop principles of corporate, communication and cooperation within the company, support benevolent atmosphere within the team.
  • Honesty. Their activities, we build on the principle of transparency, honesty and openness. Fairness to the staff, the counterparty to the state - is the basis of the functioning of our company. The Company believes that all of its employees are honest, decent people, and trust them.
  • Professional goals. Our company appreciates the professionalism and life to this principle in all areas of their business, we respect the leaders and specialists who know how to improve their skills, processes, and the system as a whole. Our factory uses the global experience and advanced technology, is committed to excellence in the details.
  • Loyalty and sharing the vision of the company. We believe in the success of our plant, and we have an opportunity to be proud of the results achieved. Our staff always has positive attitude and believe in the success of the common cause. We believe that reaching the goals of the company, and employees reach their personal goals.
Methods of maintaining the corporate culture:
  • the behavior of managers, employees and specifying an example demonstrating the specific elements of corporate culture;
  • use an open system of evaluation and incentives for staff;
  • timely management response to the behavior of workers in critical situations and to achieve good results in the work;
  • development of criteria for the intra-promotion;
  • training of new employees for the traditional enterprise behavior;
  • implementation of corporate traditions, conditions, standards.