Environmental policy

One of the priorities of our factory is to protect the environment.
Due to the fact that the activity of our company is associated with the industrial impact on the environment, our company has gradually been working on strengthening and implementation of environmental policy.
Environmental policy - this is one of the major structural units of the sustainable development of our factory. We are for strong economic growth at the maximum to optimize the use of natural resources and preservation of a favorable environment.
The main objective is to minimize the impact on the environment. This is accomplished through a variety of activities that reduce emissions, reduce the amount of waste production, reduce human impacts.
In this regard, our company has commissioned a gas cleaning unit of the German company "DanthermFiltrationGmbH", a leader in the development and production of gas and dust destruction. Fume collection paths melting units are connected to a fume collection path installation. Getting in the filter installation, the exhaust gases are subject to two types of treatment: mechanical suspension of the fine, which is deposited on the system, bag filters, and chemical, as a result of which the chemical neutralization of harmful impurities gaseous products of smelting.
Production equipment, resulting from the operation of which is formed by dust-like fraction, equipped with cyclones, the line is equipped with enrichment waste bag filter.
These settings allow us to carry out continuous control and monitoring of emissions and discharges to the environment, as well as talk about the fact that our company fully guarantees the observance of environmental norms and standards at the European level.
Our company strictly complies with the requirements of environmental legislation, rational use of natural resources. Ensure compliance with these problems, we help implement an effective environmental management system based on the requirements of international standard ISO 14001.

The priority areas of environmental policy implementation are:
  • monitoring compliance with environmental legislation, conducting organizational and administrative documents and the implementation of regulatory requirements for environmental protection in the enterprise;
  • Guaranteed compliance with all rules and regulations established by the legislation of the Russian Federation and international legislation in the field of environmental protection;
  • Provision of industrial environmental monitoring in the enterprise, monitoring of pollution sources and environmental objects located within an enterprise, the sanitary protection zone and the zone of influence of the enterprise;
  • Development, implementation, certification, and the effective operation of the integrated management system of the enterprise in accordance with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001;
  • Establishment of environmental targets on the basis of the adopted regulatory requirements;
  • optimization and reduction of energy consumption during the production processes;
  • disposal of industrial waste;
  • monitoring of emission sources of pollutants;
  • Motivation of staff to lean use and conservation of environmental resources;
  • Implementation of the management structure and control of the environmental impact (on the basis of regulatory documents) among employees at all levels of the enterprise;
  • strict control and radiation safety of all kinds of products;
  • ensuring the safe operation of commercial vehicles;
  • the implementation of prevention and preventive measures to smudges and negative impacts on the environment;
  • respect for the rights and interests of the residents of nearby settlements, expressed in maintaining clean environment in which they live;
  • continuous improvement of vocational training of workers in the field of ecology;
  • ensuring transparency of environmental information on the economic activity of the plant, its environment and measures taken in this field of making;
  • interaction with the state and public structures that control the environmental safety of the enterprise.