Health and safety

LLC " Vsevolozhskiy plant of aluminum alloys" pays great attention to the improvement of management in all areas, including the management of health and safety.
Our company identifies a number of important problems affecting the working conditions of our production accounted for at all stages of technology cycles:

1 Organizational:
  • organization of instruction and training for employees safety;
  • providing employees with personal protective equipment;
  • organization of sanitary and domestic, medical and maintenance workers;
  • development of the company's management for optimal forms and methods of work organization;
  • organization of service and maintenance jobs;
  • the content in a safe condition of buildings, site sections management and enterprise;
  • management organization (management) of the OSH.
2 Design:
  • safety design of process equipment (correspondence of the main structural elements, controls, protective equipment requirements of GOST, SSBT [State Standards] and other normative and technical documents);
  • safety of structures tooling (fixtures, tools, etc.)
  • the manual safety of the power tool.
3 Performance:
  • timeliness of planned maintenance, the maintenance work process equipment;
  • good condition tooling;
  • good condition of electrical equipment and means of protection against electric current;
  • good condition handling equipment, containers and lifting devices;
  • safe operation of internal transport.
4 Process:
  • selection of safe technological methods and modes of operation;
  • complex mechanization and automation, robotics heavy and dangerous operations;
  • selection of raw materials, intermediates and production equipment;
  • placement of production equipment and the organization of workplaces;
  • selection of the safest ways and means of transportation of raw materials, intermediates, components, finished products and waste products;
  • selection of individual and collective protection;
  • the inclusion of security requirements in the technical documentation;
  • monitoring compliance with the requirements in the existing processes.
5 Hygiene:
  • microclimate in the workplace (comfort temperature);
  • cleanliness of workplace air (control levels of toxic substances, industrial dust);
  • conditions of natural and artificial lighting;
  • level of vibration;
  • level of industrial noise;
  • electromagnetic radiation;
  • ionizing radiation.
6 Psycho-physiological:
  • the severity and intensity of work (static and dynamic exercise, working posture, tension level, the duration of focused observation, the number of important objects of observation, the pace of work, the number of information signals, work and rest, neuron-emotional load);
  • compliance with psycho physiological human capabilities and individual characteristics of his body nature of the work (anthropometric characteristics, speed and accuracy of response, sustained attention, personality, etc.);
  • professional skills of workers (competence, the development of safe methods of work, the knowledge imparted and regulations on labor protection);
  • use of personal protective equipment, compliance regulations on labor protection and technical documentation;
  • observance of labor and production discipline.
Instruments of implementation of tasks:
  • carrying out measures to ensure safety in the operation of industrial buildings, structures, equipment, security processes and used in the production of raw materials, as well as the efficient operation of the means of protection, collective and individual;
  • establish appropriate requirements of Russian legislation and occupational hygiene conditions at each workplace;
  • respect for the work and rest, established by the legislation of the Russian Federation and the labor contract;
  • conducting effective level control harmful and hazardous to health workers;
  • employee training and examination on safety;
  • inform employees of the conditions of occupational safety in the workplace, on the existing health risks and relying workers of personal protective equipment, compensation and benefits;