Social policy

Social policy is a necessary structural component of the functioning of our company.
For our company, it is a voluntary contribution to the development of society in the social, economic and environmental spheres, connected directly to the activity of our company. We understand that integrating and stabilizing function of social policy in the company in a way strengthens our position in the market and allows you to implement a set of obligations that an organization must perform to strengthen the society in which she lives and works.
Of course, the important factor for the company's social and publicity increment of capital, which in turn are important components of the reputational capital of the business, but our organization is also responsible to the society in which it operates, and should therefore devote part of their resources and efforts for social development, participate in the improvement of society.
In this regard, for an optimized and efficient functioning of our social policy, taking into account the strategic objectives of the company has developed the following guidelines for social programs.

The priority areas of social policy in our company are:

1) Corporate Social Responsibility:

  • the shareholders, creditors and investors - for their property and the formation of competitive advantage in the market;
  • to partners - for compliance with ethical standards of business and contractual obligations;
  • the counterparty - for the quality of goods and services;
  • the members of the workforce - for attractive jobs, employment, wages and labor protection, social development workers;
  • the population and the local community - for the protection and restoration of the environment, social development of the local community, the formation of a positive image;
  • the state - for compliance with laws and taxes.
2) Instruments implementation of social responsibility:
  • Organization of special events: presentation and event, informational, educational, charitable; providing feasible sponsorship;
  • health insurance for employees;
  • Corporate Fund;
  • cash prizes and awards;
  • caring for employees and their families;
  • support for veterans and seniors;
  • health care and creating a safe comfortable sanitary conditions in the workplace for employees;
  • a set of measures aimed at reducing the incidence of workers (prevention efforts for the prevention of diseases, vaccination)
  • staff development, increasing the professional qualification of employees (training of personnel reserve of the enterprise, training and staff development, involvement and support of young people, the establishment of long-term contract relations with universities and institutes of St. Petersburg);
  • formation and development of corporate culture;
  • organization of sports and recreation programs;
  • conducting the promotion of healthy lifestyles;
  • Providing financial assistance to employees;
  • implementation of a variety of children's programs;
  • organization of cultural events;
  • contribute to the revival of cultural values ​​and spiritual and moral traditions.

Our company carries out constant monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of social events.
As social policy has an impact and transformative in nature and forms the harmonizing type of attitude among the target public, LLC " Vsevolozhskiy plant of aluminum alloys" is committed to take this opportunity to contribute to the social development of society